Welcome to the Research Unit Geophysic!

Geophysics is a discipline of natural sciences dealing with the development of quantitative methods
to understand the physical properties and processes of the Earth and its surroundings. In the
Geophysics Research Division, our main expertise lays in the electrical and electromagnetic methods
and their combination with seismic imaging techniques. These methods are standard techniques in
environmental and engineering investigations, such as understanding groundwater flow and aquifer
geometry, the delineation of landslide architecture, the monitoring of alpine permafrost degradation,
site characterization and the mapping of contaminant plumes, among others. We work both at the
field and laboratory scale with a particular focus on the development of procedures to improve data
collection, processing and modeling towards the computation of accurate subsurface models.
Current research activities in our group aim at extending the application of geophysical methods
towards the understanding of biogeochemical processes at the field scale. The understanding of
subsurface parameters controlling biogeochemical activity is critical for a variety of processes from
optimized farming to climate modeling. However, biogeochemical investigations are still based on ex-
situ analyses. Hence, in our group we investigate the use of geophysical images as a diagnostic tool in
Biogeochemistry, permitting for instance, the mapping of biogeochemical active zones in the
subsurface and the delineation of redox zonation. This is an ongoing area of research in the emerging
discipline of Biogeophysics where our group is one of the leading institutions, in particular regarding
field-scale investigations.


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