Contribution EGU 2014

Maria-Theresia Apoloner, Irene Bianchi, Götz Bokelmann, Ewald Brückl, Helmut Hausmann, Stefan Mertl, and Rita Meurers: The 2013 Earthquake Series in the Southern Vienna Basin: Location

Stefan Weginger and Ewald Brückl: DC moment tensor estimation based on P- and S-waveform stacking

Hermann Häusler, Jürgen Scheibz, Werner Chwatal, and Franz Kohlbeck: Link between Miocene compression of Lower Austroalpine Rust Range and subsidence of neighboring Eisenstadt Basin: Results from high-resolution geophysics at the Oslip section (Northern Burgenland, Austria)

Ingrid Kreutzer, Werner Chwatal, Alexander Radinger, and Ewald Brückl: The use of a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) as a seismic source

Ingrid Kreutzer, Werner Chwatal, Hermann Häusler, Jürgen Scheibz, and Fritz Steirer: Mapping of near surface fold structures with GPR and ERT near Steinbrunn (Northern Burgenland, Austria)


Stefan Mertl and Anton Lettenbichler: Towards a Community Environmental Observation Network

Adrián Flores Orozco, Matthias Bücker, and Kenneth Williams: Characterization of Natural Attenuation in a uranium-contaminated site by means of Induced Polarization Imaging
 Sept. 1, 2014